Mission & Vision


Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund works to strengthen communities and empower youth by advocating for skaters and skateboarding culture, educating youth and adults about the art of skateboarding and its benefits to neighborhoods and people, and building free, public skateparks that demonstrate innovative design, community engagement and multi-faceted use. 

Franklin’s Paine values Diversity, Accessibility, Perseverance and Entrepreneurship.

We are Diverse in our celebration of the creative individual, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, and economic background.

We are Accessible in our approach to shaping policy, providing affordable programs and services, and developing shared space for skateboarders and the public to have fun.

We are Perseverant in our long-term commitment to fulfilling our mission, transforming individuals and communities, and creating a new generation of leaders.

We are Entrepreneurial in our ability to identify opportunities to connect people and resources, build networks, and foster public-private partnerships.


Philadelphia is a national leader for skateboarding culture, from its groundbreaking policy and economic research, to the diversity of its skateboarding community, to the quality of its skateparks and engagement with the city and its neighborhoods.

We envision …

  • Philadelphia’s Master Plan for Skateboarding to set a national standard for integrating artistic design, broad community use, and skateboarders’ needs.
  • Philadelphia as home to the largest number of mixed-use skateparks in the United States, and the first to develop a plan for overall urban skateability.
  • People move to Philadelphia to live, work, and skateboard, and skateboarders growing up in Philadelphia decide to stay in Philadelphia and become leaders in the community.
  • Philadelphia becomes home to one of the largest annual locally sourced skateboarding competitions, drawing participants, audiences, and funding nationally and internationally.
  • A successful documentary made about Philadelphia skateboarding history, culture, and vibrant future.
  • There are skateparks within a ten-minute walk of all young skaters following goals set by Green2015.