Christopher Plant

Christopher Plant joined the FPSF Board in 2006. He was initially drawn to the Paine’s Park Project for its unconventional mixture of public policy, city planning and the generational tug-of-war relating to the future of skateboarding in Philadelphia. Christopher felt that skateboarding and the proper handling of the Love Park legacy was an important step for Philadelphia to become an even greater city than it was.

Christopher moved to Philadelphia in 2002 from New York City with his two sons, Morgan and Mason, and his wife Jessica. He works in sales and development for Elfant Wissahickon Realty, a Philadelphia-based commercial and residential real estate firm. Christopher is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in painting and sculpture. He has lived in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, NYC, New Hampshire, Key West, Washington D.C. and Durham, North Carolina.  Christopher worked as a technical director and lighting designer for Modern Dance companies for many years with major tours throughout Europe, South America, Canada, and the United States. He later became a partner and directing manager of Galapagos Art and Performance Space in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn at the height of the Brooklyn renaissance.

Christopher is passionate about Philadelphia and the Arts. He also serves on the board of CultureWorks (formerly Peregrine Arts) and Hidden City Philadelphia, both of which are non-profit organizations seeking to bring attention and arts programming to forgotten or neglected heritage landmark sites in Philadelphia. He is heavily engaged in his neighborhood (Mount Airy) in a variety of community based organizations as well as coaching his children in both baseball and soccer. Christopher’s wife, Jessica, owns a Pilates and Yoga studio in Mount Airy.  Christopher is an active user of the Wissahickon Trails and thinks that Northwest Philadelphia is the best place to live on the East Coast!