City Council Final Hearing on Bill #120534

Philadelphia City Hall Philadelphia, PA 19107


After passing through Committee last week, Bill #120534 is scheduled for a final hearing on Thursday, October 4th during City Council's 10am meeting in room 400 of City Hall.  Everyone is very much encouraged to come out, and get involved in the process.  Testimonies from the public under 3 minutes will be permitted through the hearing.  

A full updated draft of the bill, as amended on 9/25/12 is attached below for your reference and review.  All italicized language is proposed new additions to The Philadelphia Code.  The Bill proposed to expand Section 1, Title 10 of the Philadelphia Code to include new penalties of $2,000 and up to 90 days in jail for skateboarding on public art, monument and memorial. 

Franklin's Paine understands the City’s intentions to protect memorials and other public art from vandalism and damage, but we absolutely do not support the narrow focus of this bill on skateboarding, the conflation of skating and “vandalism,” or the combination of ambiguous language around public art paired with the harsh level of fine and penalty proposed.  We feel that this is a scare tactic directed towards youth that will not adequately address or solve the issues of concern for the City. 


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