Joshua H. Nims

Joshua H. Nims co-founded Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund in 2000. He was lucky enough to be able to combine his natural affinity for skateboarding, politics, and city planning with the strong spirit of public advocacy and sense of justice brought by the involvement of the Kerr Family. Together with the clear vision for good design and attention to detail brought in by Bryan Lathrop and Brian Nugent, the team created the broad foundation for Franklin’s Paine that has stood the test of nearly ten years of raising money, building skateparks, and fostering community around skateboarding in the Philadelphia Region.

Currently, Josh is Operations Manager for Schuylkill River Development Corporation (SRDC), where he developed and now manages the Schuylkill Banks maintenance program, visitor’s center, volunteer, and annual giving programs. In partnership with the City of Philadelphia, public and private agencies, institutions and corporations, SRDC’s mission is to revitalize and redevelop the lower Schuylkill River and reconnect it to Philadelphia’s urban core.

Prior to joining SRDC in 2006, Josh worked as a business and legal consultant for small business and non-profit development, especially those related to entertainment, youth culture, the arts, and recreation. In 2005, he worked for former Marvel Entertainment COO Bill Jemas, whose entertainment property management agency represented clients including the Guggenheim, The Apollo Theater, and AOL within months of opening for business.

Josh is a graduate of Temple University School of Law (J.D. 2001), where he focused on competition law, intellectual property, and recreational liability related to action sports; and Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC; B.A. English Lit. 1997). He speaks and writes regularly on cultural perceptions of public space, skatepark advocacy, volunteer program building, urban horticulture, and tidal Schuylkill River history for academic, professional, and community audiences – often by invitation.

He is a lifelong skateboarder; student of urban planning, horticulture, and politics; artist; and eternal optimist.  He lives with his wife, Noelle Dames, and daughter Juniper in Philadelphia’s Mt. Airy community.