We hope you'll check out our collection of photos and video below. We’ve captured images from Franklin's Paine events, skateparks and youth programs as well as renderings of parks currently in development. If you’re interested in using a photo for a blog or website, or if you’re a reporter and you’d like to use one of our photos in a story, please contact us at

Recent Videos

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Whitehall Construction
12/12/2010 1:00am
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FPSF Promo
4/26/2010 9:47am
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Sunday Brunch - video by Kevin McDonald
11/20/2009 11:57am
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Patrick Kerr Skatepark
11/4/2009 3:01pm

Pat Boder, main builder of Patrick Kerr Skatepark, discusses the progress during construction.  Film by Mac Whalen

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Pop's Playground Grand Opening Invite
7/15/2009 2:48pm
50-50 Fakie at POPs
7/2/2009 10:09am
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FDR Skatepark Gravity GamesPart one
5/8/2009 4:42pm
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Independence Day at FDR Skatepark
5/8/2009 4:41pm
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Faster Skateboards at FDR skatepark
5/8/2009 4:38pm
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FDR Skatepark Philly PA
5/8/2009 3:39pm

Recent Photo Albums

FDR Skatepark Photos
1/31/2012 4:00pm
Nicetown Photos
1/31/2012 4:00pm