CHAD Design Workshop Trip to NYC

To celebrate the end of another very successful school year, we took our CHAD students on a skate field-trip to New York City.  On Saturday, June 9th around 7:30am, we boarded the Megabus bound for NYC with our skateboards in hand and a sense of adventure.  After getting dropped off near Penn Station, we skated west towards the Hudson River and hit Chelsea Piers Skatepark to warm up.  We got some skating in and when our hunger got the best of us, we pushed off along the Hudson River Greenway towards downtown.  We stopped off at Spunto for some traditional NYC-style thin crust pizza and got our drinks comped by the waitress because she liked skateboarders!  We visited a skateboard shop near Houston and Broadway for some supplies.  From there we headed west again back towards the Hudson River to skate the TriBeCa skatepark which was our favorite place of the trip.  Soon after we were in cabs headed up to hop on the Megabus once again, exhausted but with our adventure behind us, happy to relax on the ride home.

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