go!skate philly 6.21.11

On Tuesday, June 21st, Philly skaters will join skaters all around the globe to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day!  Check out one or more of the featured stops on the attached flyer, or find your own place to skate.  Communities, skateparks and skateshops all around the city are pitching in to show how important skateboarding is to Philadelphia!  Featured stops include McCreesh Playground, Miles Mack Playground, Grahanah Playground, Pop's Skatepark, Nocturnal Skateshop, Exit Skateshop and Focus Skate Mag.  

Many thanks to vitaminwater for officially sponsoring the day as well as new permanent obstacles currently being installed at McCreesh Playground in Southwest Philly!  See attached flyer for more details and go!skate philly!

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