Philly Cup 3rd Stop at McCreesh Skatepark

The third stop of the Philly Cup tour at McCreesh was a big success!  40 skaters competed across all four divisions (Groms, Rippers, Shredders and Open) and we gave out a bunch of prizes and give-aways.  A big special thanks to some of our key sponsors, Parks and Recreation, vitaminwater, One Skateboard Co and Nocturnal Skate shop for making this event such a big success!  We'll see you for the 4th and final stop on the Philly Cup tour on Saturday, October 6th at Whitehall Skatepark in the Northeast. 


1st - 5th Place Results:

Nate Machese GROM   55 1st
Tyler Neisser GROM   54 2nd
William Lawrow GROM   52 3rd
Thomas Grazier GROM   51 4th
Nethaniel Manseco GROM   47 5th


Paris Summerville 13-15   63 1st
Asante Morris 13-15   59 2nd
Kalil Goins 13-15   59 3rd
Colby Hempel 13-15   52 4th
Ikechie Goodman 13-15   50 5th


James Ward 16-18   68 1st
JT Gerhart 16-18   68 2nd
Tony Davis 16-18   58 3rd
Karl Macintosh 16-18   57 4th
Jamie Bouier 16-18   57 5th


Joe Uva Open   84 1st
Greg Pachell Open   81 2nd
Scott Spielman Open   80 3rd
David Boyd Open   80 4th
Andrew Metzger Open   76 5th


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