Philly Cup Final Jams at Whitehall Skatepark

On Saturday, October 6th, we had our fourth and final stop in the 2012 Philly Cup Series.  The weather was perfect, the turnout was great and everyone had a blast!  We want to once again thank all of our sponsors including Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Vitaminwater for the awesome support in this inaugural year, and of course everyone who came out to compete and support.  We can't wait to expand on the success of this first year in 2013!  Check back in for details as summer 2013 approaches. 

Groms Whithall Results (ages 12 and under):

1st     TJ Grazier
2nd   Michael Klause
3rd    John Valentine
4th     William Lawrow
5th     Jamal Pinkney

Groms Overall Points Leaders:

1st William Lawrow 352.5
2nd Michael Krause 269
3rd Tyler Neisser 201.5
4th Thomas Grazier 186
5th Aaron Shahaj 125.2


Rippers Whitehall Results (ages 13-15)

1st      Mark Klause Jr.
2nd     Colby Hempel
3rd     Henry Jefferson
4th      Kahlil Goins
5th      Tyler Velez


Rippers Overall Points Leaders

13-15 Skater Score
1st Colby Hempel 395
2nd Paris Summerville 305
3rd Mark Klause 304.5
4th Henry Jefferson 268.5
5th Asante Morris 214.5


Shredders Overall Points Leaders (ages 16-18)

16-18 Skater Score
1st Dan Robbins 261
2nd Kyle Bettle 170
3rd JT Gerhart 157
4th James Ward 68
5th Jordan Belo 62


Open Division Whitehall Results (all ages):

1st     Joe Uva
2nd    Mike Thomas
3rd     Tyrone Williams
4th     Rashan Staten
5th     Andrew Metzger


Open Division Overall Points Leaders

Open Skater Score
1st Joe Uva 436
2nd Jim Simmons  345
3rd Mike Thomas 328.5
4th Andrew Metzger 319
5th Rodney Watkins 269


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