Riding a Skateboard Is Not Like Riding a Bike

Riding a Skateboard Is Not Like Riding a Bike

Inspired by a Bones Brigade video, two out-of-practice oldheads hit Paine’s Park.

By Richard Rys - 8/20/13


It seemed like a very bad idea. I’d recently watched Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, an excellent documentary about the skateboarders I’d idolized as a kid, guys like Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk who helped carry the sport from its infancy into the mainstream X-Games era. I told my buddy Jason about the film, and as a fellow retired skater, he had the same reaction — let’s dust off our boards. The last time either of us had done so, Jason was living with his wife in a condo in Old City. They were a young couple enjoying urban life. Now he’s in South Jersey, with three kids under the age of six, running a company. We’re both in our late 30s. I wondered if we’d be fulfilling a wish to recapture a bit of lost youth, or just fulfilling our medical insurance deductibles...

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