Scenes from the Opening of Paine's Park (Hidden City Philadelphia)

MAY 23, 2013 |  BY 

After 12 years of planning and dialogue, Franklin’s Paine Park, designed by Anthony Bracali and Brian Nugent, opened yesterday afternoon. With live music by DJ Gregg Nyce and food trucks lining the new space, pro skaters Chris Cole, Kerry Getz, and Tom Asta officially christened the grounds, and infused an overall positive energy. “The space is designed to accommodate skateboarding as an important energizing force behind the life and movement of public space,” says the non-profit’s website. “Paine’s Park is not a replacement for LOVE Park. It is an evolution of the lessons about skateboarding in public space, the development of new ideas about recreation and public space in cities and towns around the world, and something new altogether.”

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