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Thanks to YOU for voting for Pop’s in the first-ever Philebrity Awards Poll, we won!  Come out and join the celebration TONIGHT,

We are looking for donations of Christmas lights to make this year at Pop's Skate Space truly SPECTACULAR!!

Please bring your donated lights to one of the following locations:

As we inch closer and closer to the building of our marquee project, Paine’s Park, we've been pursuing a series of initiatives that make sure we do things right -- create a world-class skatepark and do it on-time and on-budget.

Franklin's Paine has partnered with the Charter High School for Architecture and Design (CHAD) for a new kind of after school skateboarding club.  In this year's program, 8 design sessions wil

Pops Skate Space in Kensington was closed from October 4 - 10 for improvements.  Two brick benches with a smooth concrete topping (angle iron on one side) were added in front of each of the tr

 Johnny "Young Guns" Mateu stood atop a 12-foot-high vertical ramp, his skateboard hanging ov

The master of the half-pipe and creator of a skateboard empire is about to introduce his latest trick: a skateboard without wheels.

Friday, July 31st was the official opening of Kerr Park, a park that Franklin's Paine has supported since day one.

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