Steve Rockman

A proven Digital marketing and advertising executive with over 20 years of senior level corporate and agency experience, Steve leverages unique strengths in global strategic planning; marketing planning, business development and digital marketing built through leadership assignments in both the agency and corporate worlds. Steve is a highly focused, hands-on, experienced digital marketing executive.

His experience covers; Digital Strategy, Social Influence Marketing (including community recruitment, development and management), mobile strategy and Deployment, UX Design, Design/Build, Online Media Planning & Buying (including ad serving), Email, Search Marketing (Paid & Organic).

Steve believes that it is apparent that media consumption will become less collective and more individual. That sophisticated, multiple pathways to individual consumers will develop.  That all media relationships will become interactive to a greater extent.  Consumers will increasingly determine their own use of media in a much more complete fashion, including deciding when they will accept marketing messages and when they won’t. Lastly, metrics, which measure ‘viewing’ rather than ‘engagement’, will disappear.

In a word Steve says its all about Engagement. Digital is the one medium that allows us to truly create, share and interact with our users. That has an enormous impact on the way brands will connect with its users.

The New Rules Of Marketing For Brands Are:

  • The Brands and its fans develop the brand together. Fans even more so!
  • The Brand can only navigate direction about how fans will perceive you.
  • Online dialogue and engagement are the most important factors to inspire fans and protect brand reputation.

He has worked with such brands as; ESPN, Pfizer, American Express, Toyota, Oracle, AT&T,, Rita’s Water Ice, Smooth Fitness and Comcast.

He has been a national speaker and frequently publishes. He has won awards for his work with; ABC Sports, The Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, The 2000 Republican National Convention and The Pennsylvania Lottery.