Creative Commissions

In development, prospective launch: Fall 2012

The Creative Commissions program is an art-commissioning program focused on engaging fine and performing artists in permanent, temporary, and time-based projects within skateparks.  

As a first step in realizing this program's potential, Franklin's Paine has proposed the "Skatable City Initiative."  In its first phase, this project will create five mixed-use, “sculpture-skateparks” throughout West Philadelphia neighborhoods. Guided by a recently completed Master Plan for Philadelphia Skateboarding, the partnership will work with local sculptors and visual artists to design obstacles and other functional and fabulous features of these new parks, as well as wayfinding markers that blaze a trail through the cityscape. FPSF’s unique relationship with the City, guided by community members, has allowed us to take blacktop lots and transform them into revitilized neighborhood destinations that both skaters and the community can use together. Leveraging the artistic and design assets intrinsic to the skateboarding community, FPSF will be able to create a skatepark archipelago that will have the capacity to transform neighborhoods.