732 North 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Led by the initiative of the People’s Emergency Center (PEC) and the HUB Coalition, Franklin’s Paine has been working to develop a skatepark project in this neighborhood since the winter of 2010.  With many kids already skating in this area, the need for a local, public skatepark is great. So far, the community support garnered by PEC has been wide-spread and very positive.

Our initial community meeting for this project was held on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010.  Approximately 50 neighbors attended the meeting including 10-15 kids who actively participated in the discussion and supported the proposal.

The Miles Mack Playground, located at 36th and Aspen Streets, has now been identified as a potential site for this project.  Following up on the success of the 2010 Go Skate Day event in Mantua, Miles Mack Playground hosted one of 5 city-wide community events in support of Go Skate Day in June 2011.  The event attracted hundreds of youth and adults and vitaminwater kept everyone hydrated all afternoon!

Our Gear for Groms youth skateboarding educational program was a successful component to Miles Mack Playground’s summer camp curriculum and programming has continued through the school year at adjacent McMichael School.


  • People's Emergency Center CDC
  • HUB Coalition, Inc
  • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
  • Miles Mack Playground
  • Tony Hawk Foundation