McCreesh Playground

6744 Regent Street
Philadelphia, PA 19142

McCreesh Playground, located at 6744 Regent Street in the Mount Moriah District of Southwest Philadelphia, contains an old roller hockey rink that is no longer being used as intended.  In fact, local skaters, neighbors, and concerned parents approached McCreesh Recreation Supervisor, Tim King in early 2010, about the possibility of turning the space into a skatepark. 

In March of 2010, the Advisory Council of McCreesh Playground and the Southwest Concerned Citizens (SWCC), discussed the possibility of building a skatepark in this location and the idea was met with almost unanimous support.

During SWCC’s April 2010 meeting, FPSF and Scott Kmiec presented some conceptual design ideas for the proposed skatepark, as well as suggested improvements and additions to the seating area around the site.  The meeting was a great success!  Concerned members of the community, park users, and young skaters all attended the meeting and were extremely receptive to the proposed design.  

The McCreesh Block Party and Kick-off Fundraising event on Saturday August 14th, 2010 attracted over 300 people, the temporary ramps were shredded by both locals and professionals from Totally and 5boro, and over $1,000 was raised towards the construction of a permanent skatepark at McCreesh Playground through raffles and generous donations from individuals. Franklin’s Paine matched these contributions and donated another $1,000 towards the construction of this project. 

With additional support from vitaminwater, Franklin's Paine and Fifth Pocket were able implement a first phase of construction just in time for Go Skate Day in June 2011.  Five new permanent obstacles were installed on site and we hope to continue building out this site through future phases of development.  

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