Germantown Avenue and Dennie Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140

The site is conveniently located between Germantown and Wayne Avenues a block from the Wayne Junction train station. The local community, led by Majeeda Rashid from the Nicetown Community Development Corporation (NCDC), has been advocating for recreation and landscape improvements to this parcel for several years.  Their initial proposal for the parcel included designated skate space.  Additionally, stakeholders have discussed other uses for parts of the space including an expansion of an existing community garden, and the creation of a rain garden to alleviate storm water management issues. 

Franklin's Paine became involved in the project in March 2009, and attended a meeting between the Redevelopment Authority (RDA), NicetownCDC, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, and the Philadelphia Water Department to discuss potential design concepts for the project.  Since then, the RDA has been working with the Parks & Recreation Department to discuss the re-zoning the parcel for recreational use.

We are excited to announce that the 2010 Nicetown Redevelopment Area Plan was approved by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission during their monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010.  This plan incorporates our conceptual design ideas for this site, and will allow us to move forward in our planning with full support from the Planning Commission.  Additionally, this project was highlighted as one of the feature projects of the City's Green2015 plan to bring 500 new acres of green space to Philadely by 2015. 

PennDOT and PWD are currently working to gather more information on the stormwater runnoff needs for the space and FPSF will be re-engaged to amend the design to accommodate these recommendations if necessary.


  • Philadelphia City Planning Commission
  • Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Nicetown Community Development Corporation
  • Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Water Department
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

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