Whitehall Skatepark

Torresdale Avenue and Wakeling Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

After months of preparation and 3 weeks of construction in the summer heat wave of 2010, Jesse Clayton of Fifth Pocket, Inc., and FPSF completed the first phase of rehabilitation at Whitehall skatepark in the Frankford section of Northeast Philadelphia, located at the corner of Torresdale Avenue and Wakeling Street.

Included in this first phase of construction was the installation of a 45’ long half pyramid with step-ups and hubbas down each side, in addition to two new ledges. The existing steel quarter pipes were also tack welded.

A mini phase two was completed in December 2010 that included the installation of three new benches by Fifth Pocket.  Jesse utilized recycled materials for this phase of construction including old growth white pine and steel pipe.

Ultimately, the goal for this site is to transition over from a mix of modular and permanent obstacles to all permanent obstacles. Please stay tuned for information on future phases of development!

Location: Torresdale Avenue and Wakeling Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124

FPSF Contacts:

Claire Laver
Nick Orso


Jesse Clayton

Project Start Date: June 21st, 2010

Proposed Completion/Launch Date: December, 2010

Total Cost of Project: Estimated cost $15,000


The Department of Parks and Recreation
Fifth Pocked Design and Consulting, Inc.